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Woman once homeless now lives in Penthouse, thanks to sugar daddies who have lavished her with $500k gifts

A woman was previously left homeless but right now she is enjoying every facility around the world. You name the thing and she’s enjoying it already. Living the dream life was not an easy thing to be achieved and she surely made use of some sugar daddies. She was a victim of an abusive relationship in the past and now she’s living a lavish lifestyle, a dream of many women to live.

She’s a club promoter and an aspiring singer, Jeanmarie Almulla, a 26yo woman. She has already received gifts of worth $500k which include two diamonds, two Rolexes and $20,000 in cash. She has designer bags and luxury holidays at her disposal. This is all because of the sugar daddies which she met online.

After he abusive relationship, Jeanmarie decided to join the dating website Seeking Arrangements and she had left college at age of 22 at that time. Since then she’s not looking back.

Jeanmarie comes from a strictly religious family and right now she lives in a waterfront penthouse. She is regularly feted with gifts from her long-term sugar daddies.

Jeanmarie described the details which left her broke and emotionally unstable. “I had nowhere to go and I remember my friend saying, you go on this site, there will be so many wealthy men who will help you out,” she told The Sun.

‘My mum is Catholic and my dad is Muslim so I come from a strict background, and I wasn’t sure at first, but I was like ‘screw it I have nothing to lose,’ she said.

She remembers her first date with a recently divorced Jewish man and she got $1000 on the table. Within weeks after following such trend she was living in a $2,500 waterfront penthouse instead of sheltering in a car. Even the dater admits that his life got better after that and later she started to enjoy dates with older men.

You’ve got to know someone before you get intimate with them,‘ she further explained and added that she never felt pressured to get physical. Jeanmarie has already become a mentor to some girls and she’s kind of encouraging them to follow such a path. Now, we don’t know how our readers are going to take such a resolution of this mode.

What do you think? Do you feel that she is following the right trend in her life? She’s also an aspiring singer and sometimes flown out to auditions in LA by her sugar daddies. This is a dark and murky world!

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  1. barry sucktero says:

    Kim Kardashian turned a taped BLOW JOB into a career….so what the hell!

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