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Woman passenger throws a cup of urine on metro-bus operator for greeting, ‘Have a nice day’

A woman throws away a cup full of urine on a metro bus operator. The operator had merely greeted her to have a nice day but the response of the woman wasn’t as expected. The police tracked down the offender and arrested her for her unethical act of throwing urine cup on a person doing the duty.

Metro Transit Police say that 38-year-old Opal Brown of Southeast D.C. was arrested on charges of offending a metro-bus worker by throwing urine on her. Miss Brown was taken into custody at L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station. The incident happened at around 6:15 pm on Saturday. Miss Brown was leaving metro bus when the sad incident happened.

The bus operator told Miss brown, “Have a nice day” and Miss Brown didn’t want to have one, so she threw away a  cup full of urine. Another video shows her urinating and filling the cup with urine. Authorities say that Miss Brown doused the driver with urine which was being contained in the purple cup. The driver of the bus was taken immediately to the hospital to avoid any infection and was decontaminated.

Miss Brown admitted to the crime. She also posted on Facebook.

Ok y’all know it was me who did the bad stuff to the metro operator!!! But I want to apologise to her but metro owe me and she was being very rude. So at 2:40 am I walked up to the police that was at benco and confessed to it cuz it was on my heart all day. But anywho transit came. And they were really cool I almost felt like a celebrity. It took all of 20 minutes just gotta go to court for the simple assault.

FOX 5 even tried to interview Miss Brown. However, later Fox 5 reported about the arrest of Miss Brown on the basis of assaulting a woman

Watch the video of assault:

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