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Woman prefers ghosts over men, says “I slept with more than 15 ghosts”, watch interview!

This woman on “This Morning” show has claimed to be sleeping with more than 15 ghosts. She claims that an encounter with a ghost is so good that it made her ditch all the manly relationships. Amethyst Realm appeared on the 8th December “This Morning” show and she instantly grabbed the attention of the audience after making some furious claims about her love life.

The woman left viewers troubled after she claimed to have 15 different ghost lovers. Above all, she accepted the fact of having a romantic relationship with ghosts. She also believes that she can fall pregnant because of these encounters.


The shocked hosts of the show told the woman, “I’m sure you might have quite a name in the ghost world.” He then asked her, “When was the first time you had such a relationship with a ghost which turned physical?

She said: “It was about 12 years ago now, I was living with my fiancé and he was working away a lot.”

She added: “I started to feel a presence.”

Amethyst says that one night she decided to dress in lingerie and hang around in the spare room, where she’d felt the ghost’s presence the most. – wrote Cambridge News

She then had to wait for a while before anything happened. Just before falling asleep, a ghost turned up. After that encounter, she went off men totally. The girl has also done some research on phantom pregnancies and she’s sure that one day she can get pregnant if she ever wants to have children.

There’s a possibility that it is a ghost in you but people don’t know how to carry it to full term.

She told the hosts that her fiance ditched her after finding her in bed with a ghost. He could see a manly figure. Woman denies any medical possibility of this entire thing in her mind.

I don’t think so because my first ghost used to follow me around the house and lure me in so I was definitely awake, said the lady after hosts told her that this could be an acute case of sleep paralysis.

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