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Woman rants about ‘Dentist’ profession for not having Gender Equality

Alissa Nutting tweeted last Tuesday, in which she said, ‘My daughter started crying at the dentist office bc the dentist “is a boy” and the dentist said “sorry, there are no girl dentists at this office” & my daughter looked at me & said, “why did we come here.”’

This tweet received a mixed response from her followers. One group said that this makes sense because it is a known fact that women representation in the STEM is extremely low, which begs the question that what kind of policy is at fault due to which the representation of women is so low.

Yes, pay inequality is a thing which is proven by statistical data but unfortunately, there has not been a lot of research went into the reason.

However, the intentions are unclear because if Nutting’s daughter thinks that female dentists are better than male dentists, then Alissa needs to get her parenting straight. This kind of mentality is root of quite a number of problems in the society.

The other group got outraged to the tweet, one particular tweet said, ‘My daughter was looking out the window & crying bc the garbage truck had all boys. The garbage man said “Sorry, girls are mysteriously never pressured into careers like public sanitation”
My daughter looked at me and said, “situational social justice is hypocritical”.

This tweet got 21K likes and rightly so, there is another way of looking at things, women are very selective about the profession. Also, it highlights the portion of the population that thinks men work harder than the women and that is the reason for the pay gap and low numbers in the STEM.

Particularly, I’m neutral on the matter because people are intolerant of the difference in opinion these days.

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