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Woman rides on bike with clothes-off & punches a blind man, gets ‘Instant Justice’

This is one of the quiet weird news which is at moment going really viral on the internet because of the stupid activity of a woman which was seen by a lot of citizens and was cursed at the same time. Natasha Claus, a 36-year-old woman was described as a mess by the court judge during the hearing of her case and in the end, she was given 13 months prison time. According to the court’s hearing, she was caught riding through the Surrey town without any piece of cloth on her body and during the ride, she also assaulted a blind man. Prior to this, she was also seen involving into an obscene act amidst the public. One of the ladies actually tried to stop her from doing that act which was meant to be performed in private, however, Natasha Claus threatened her with a punch warning.

Natasha Claus actually pleaded guilty for outraging public decency after she was caught performing an adult act which was actually done for sake of money. According to Metro, “Prosecutor John Upton said she was spotted in Goldsworth Road, Woking, ‘doing obscene act with a man’ on July 29 this year.

According to the police when Natasha Claus was arrested she had her jeans pulled up however her knickers were in her handbag. Natasha Claus in a statement told the Police that she had developed a habit of capturing the vulnerable men and later befriending them for taking personal gains. The awkward thing happened when one of the men which she was using for the benefits was troubled because of her antisocial behaviour and he was warned by the society that he might be kicked out of his flat just because of Natasha Claus. However, this man argued with her and then Natasha Claus attacked him but since he was registered blind so he couldn’t tell a difference between a fist or a palm. When the Natasha Claus was arrested for the attack even then she assaulted two police officers and called them by names. Not only this but the woman was actually addicted to inhaling butane and using it as a drug.

The judge said, “Any assault on a vulnerable person is very serious indeed, as is any attack on the police officers who we have a moral obligation to protect.

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