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Woman says “She’s too attractive” & that’s why “She can’t find a man” on a par with her!

This is sad that someone thinks her to be better than everyone else. Self-confidence is a good thing but too much confidence isn’t a good deal. The extreme of anything can make anyone stray away. I think this girl thinks herself better than Kate Upton and that’s why she’s ignorant of the fact that there are a lot of good guys around. The girl thinks that since she’s better than all and sundry & that is why she can’t find someone equal to her.

Kate Upton, hmm… I’m kind of stuck with her notions now!

Jokes apart, the woman appeared on This Morning, a 44-year-old Dawn Cousins, and told Holly and Phil that she is really struggling to find the One. She said, “Obviously I’m a very attractive woman, I look very young, I’m very fun and I’m not your typical 44-year-old mother of four children.

The show hosts were trying to hide their smiles and at one part Phil even bit his lips to stop himself from laughing. Dawn kept on adding her remarks despite the situation, “I’m finding that younger guys are messaging me but they just want to take me out because I’m hot.

Check out the video below and trust us, we aren’t lying.

Well, this is awkward. She is true about her beauty but being quite ignorant about one own self isn’t the right kind of thing to play. A beauty is from the inside and no one likes to talk to a person with mala fide intents.

We wish her best of luck so that she may find her love quickly

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