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Woman sells positive pregnancy test to help trap the man of the dreams for $50

A woman was found selling positive pregnancy test on social media for Dollar 50, each. The Internet is outraging at the moment on the woman and they think that it is a severe case of entrapment and injustice using fabrication of evidence. People believe that authorities should find out such people and they must be taken inside the jail after properly tried through a trial.

The test for sale, $50 each!

So our journalism team at hard comedy tried to look deeper into the matter after finding a post on social media which prompted to buy fake pregnancy tests for Dollar 50, we found that a similar woman was also selling similar paraphernalia on craigslist.

This woman was approached by The Independent and she claimed to make dollar 200 a day by selling positive pregnancy test on the Craigslist. The woman told her story to ‘The Independent’ after she requested to stay anonymous, she said that she found the idea while she was searching for jobs after getting pregnant. Florida woman actually wants to pay her college tuition fees through the money made by selling these tests.

$200 in a day off, something I have to do no matter what, me being in college working on a bachelor’s and needing all this money to pay for a degree, this was a no-brainer.” – she told WJAX-TV

The first case of this was discovered by Daily Dot in 2013. They interviewed a Buffalo woman who claimed to sell these similar test for dollar 25 each. It was thought to be costly at that time but still, people bought it for some reasons.

The anonymous woman claims to make $200 a day, ‘The Independent’ reported

It is quite a mystery that why someone would buy such a test? An FB commenter thinks that the woman buying such a test will show it to their partner and force them to do the deed unprotected.

A lawyer who deals with the healthcare issues told the independent that he is not sure about any laws which exist and prohibit the sales of such tests.

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