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Woman ‘Smashed with Bottle’ in face after fighting off man groping her in public

The photos of a teenager are circulating online showing some serious head injuries following an attack carried out on her in a nightclub. She was attacked in a nightclub in Malmo, Sweden when she refused and pushed away a man trying to grope her in public.

In the unfortunate confrontation, the teenager did not know the identity of the man and she had never met him before, he tried to grab her by the legs on the dance floor. The man must not have been expecting an instant rejection thus he carried out the activity fearlessly.

The girl felt someone’s hand on her body and in an instant reaction, she pushed the man away by hitting him in order to make him stop. The dude responded to the instant retaliation of the girl by punching her right in the face and then hitting her with a glass bottle.

Note: We cannot embed the images of the girl as her face is drenched in blood and the images are graphic in nature which might be not suitable for some audience.

Shocking images showing her face and body covered in blood circulated all around on the social media after the attack on her was carried out this weekend.

The men seem to be 5 feet 10in, in his mid-twenties, with dark hair. MS Johansson did not want to escalate the situation and thus after pushing the man away, she and her friend opted to leave the club. When they were trying to exit the nightclub the man attacked Ms Johansson by punching her and hitting her with a glass bottle.

I thought it was liquid from the bottle [on my face], but then my friend said there was blood pouring down. I was in shock.

Sophie Johansson

MS Johnson was taken to the hospital and she received several stitches. The police filed an aggravated assault causing serious bodily harm against the unidentified attacker. It is effect worth knowing that Malmo Police was forced to close the case of this aggravated assault since they were unable to find any evidence or eyewitnesses.

In an official statement, Malmo police said that they will be happy to reopen the case if anyone appears and give some identity or information on the case. The Babel nightclub has published an official statement on Facebook stating that they have handed over all the available material which might be of help in the investigation to the police.
This club was also bombed by unknown attackers a few months ago. However, in the bombing incident, none of the participants of the nightclub was injured.

Nightclub in Malmo

We wish miss Johansson a quick recovery and believe that the authorities will do just investigation of the case and will not stop at shelving it, merely.

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