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Woman travels Haiti to prove them calm, gets molested & blames white civilisation

According to the secondary news sources, a woman travelled to Haiti to prove that men there are not so violent and they care for women. She basically wanted to remove any claims of women oppression made by media in that region of Haiti. The news wasn’t covered by mainstream media but was featured by several important people and bloggers. In fact, it was tweeted and published on Social Media by a hell lot of people because of the stupid claims of the woman involved.

The woman Amanda Kijera, who claimed all these incidents in Haiti and put the blame on white people for the behaviour of residents of Haiti, was covered in news by The US Patriot. She also runs a Facebook page where she publishes constant updates, the story doesn’t look to be fake according to the claims of the woman.

Amanda in Haiti

She reportedly travelled to Haiti as a part of a local humanitarian mission. She wanted to help people and also to prove that Haiti was a secure place for women. She wanted to put forward the claim that what so ever were the allegations made by the women organizations against Haiti regarding the women rights were all wrong and myths. However, when she returned from her trip she started claiming about herself being molested in Haiti. She told the secondary media and blogs that she was attacked by Black people in Haiti.

Now, we don’t know the veracity of her claims but her story has been shared by a lot of people already on the Social Media.  According to other news resources, Kijera had already received several warnings and a lot of people were discouraging her for the visit. Amanda wrote that she told her molester about being on the same page to share with the world the positive image of Haiti, but regardless she was attacked and assaulted.

However, in the end, she blamed the entire incident on white people, she wrote that it was the fault of white people and their oppression on black which made her face such an absurd situation.

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