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Women brave the snow in skimpy outfits for the night out

Women are not easy to be understood and a recent demonstration in the UK has proved a similar concept. As UK faces the high wind and chilling weather, women are not fearful of the temperature in minus and they probably care more for their fashion instinct. UK is under the influence of the beast storm Emma and revellers across the country braved the chilly winds in the past some days.

Partygoers in Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle totally wanted to enjoy the weather thus they didn’t bother covering up their body against the chilly wind. Still, they wore thin tops and sky-high heels. Some girls according to the Daily Mail reporters found a new way to keep their feet warm. They started to wade across the snow with bare feet. Other hardy clubbers took off their long heels and preferred to walk their home through the snow without wearing anything in feet.

This wasn’t the case with everyone, some sensible woman wore thick clothes and preferred to keep themselves warm. They preferred using warm coats and jackets.

While clubbers in Newcastle walk barefooted, girls in Birmingham put Morrisons bags on their feet

Despite the heavy snow the woman walks confidently with her high heels

These two girls in Leeds preferred not to wear their tights but opted for thin coats. (left) and this group of pals on the right preferred not to wear jackets

Most of the girls in the group chose to wear light jackets

This pair in Newcastle opted to wear thin clothes despite the freezing temperature

She didn’t seem to mind the cold while walking through the snow in the streets of Newcastle

This surely makes us say that these brave revellers didn’t care about the weather but decided to stay in their comfortable outfit. What are your opinions? Do you think that fighting with such a cold through such outfits is a wise thing to perform?

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