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YouTuber punishes Ex for ‘Revenge Adult Video’ & now proposes girlfriend

A Youtube star has successfully indicted her exBoyfriend who was involved in leaking their love sessions without her consent on the internet. It is the first case of its own nature which has been brought in ‘England & Wales Court’ regarding the misuse of private information. The case went through the phases of judgement until recently when the Jury came to a conclusion and decided the terms of the settlement.

According to the terms of the settlement the identity of the man will not be revealed along with the amount of damages paid to the victim but according to our sources the lawyer of the victim revealed that the amount paid in damages is quite substantial.

Chrissy Chambers, 26-year-old, celebrated a landmark victory against the ‘revenge adult videos’ by proposing her new partner just in the premises of the High Court which declared her ex to be guilty. Ms Chambers is quite a popular YouTube content creator and she has a large following on her videos. She develops videos and uploads it on the YouTube along with her now fiancee Briah Kam. They run together this channel on the YouTube and it has around million of subscribers.

Before MS Chambers became interested in the same-sex she was in a relationship with a British man and at that time she was only 18-year-old. This relationship with her ex was of 9 month in period and at the end of the relationship her now-ex filmed the seven videos of them having intimate encounters without her knowledge and consent.

When Ms Chrissy broke up with him and started dating Kam, he took revenge and uploaded those videos on the internet which made her become viral. Before 2015 there was no law present in England to protect the rights of such victims and since those videos got uploaded in 2011 thus no criminal law could defend her rights. The life of Ms Chambers was devastated.

Luckily after winning the case now she has the copyrights of her videos which were uploaded without her consent and she can send a copyright notice to the involved website regarding the sharing of her videos. These websites will then be liable to take down those videos.

It is the first case of its kind which has been brought to the courts and sets up a Landmark-victory for the future victims.

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