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YouTubers believe that their own body excreted fluid, URINE, drinking is the best therapy for diseases

The world can sometimes seem to be damn stupid and this article will help you believe the same after you’ll realise that strange people do exist. Health-obsessed YouTubers have found a new way to remain fit which they are calling as “Urine Therapy”. They claim that this therapy has many benefits and it can fight against hundreds of diseases. It can be a cure for a variety of disorders.

The process of drinking your own PISS is called as “Urine Therapy” and it’s as weird as it sounds. A lot of people are going to die from the disgust and if you are one of those people then don’t continue to read this article. These vloggers have even recommended that one should massage the dry skin with their own excreted fluid as it will help against dryness.

Well, what so ever are the benefits of this process, these vloggers are definitely promoting something unusual. They are also uploading the demonstration videos on the YouTube. We came across such a video and will share with our audience. The video shows a YouTuber massaging her face and drinking her own fluid excretions.

Rain Florence decided to perform the experiment of ‘Urine Therapy’ on camera. Thus, she recorded her video and uploaded her response on the YouTube. She can be seen holding a measuring cup in the video. The cup contains her own ‘body excreted liquid’.

There is practically nothing it won’t cure,’ along with about 100 or more different diseases and disorders that it might help cure. – wrote Rain Florence

Later in the video, she looks into the camera and explains that the fluid in the measuring cup can act as a moisturizer for the skin. The weird video got quite a lot of expressions from the people all around the internet. They believe that this is one disgusting piece of the video must not be present on the internet.

There are other vloggers who have performed similar experiments. Katrine Rudolph is one of those vloggers who prefers to drink her own body excreted fluid. She says that it tastes really well and it can help cure many diseases. Katrine said that when she first heard about this therapy she thought that this was disgusting. But later she took it as a sterile fluid from her own blood.

One thought on “YouTubers believe that their own body excreted fluid, URINE, drinking is the best therapy for diseases”

  1. Jason says:

    Love it, she says it the taste is not bad yet when she drinks it she gags, keeps swallowing to stop the gag reflex lmao..
    If it is that good for you, why the hell does she look so ill?

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